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Mountain Trek is a wonderful fitness camp ("bootcamp", the new kind of, "weight loss camp") centered  in an all natural setting.  Making it a point to call it an active vacation, Mountain Trek implements an outdoor fitness camp program, by mountain hiking in a progressive weight loss camp.  By hiking, doing morning yoga, gym routine weight loss programs, enjoying grade A fitness spa cuisine (while remarkably adhering to a nutrition camp style nutrition program), and massage, all of your fitness goals are accomplished in a spectacular forest setting surrounded by an abundance of wildlife.

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British Columbia, Canada

In the Davis Mountains Fitness & Training Camp, in the heart of Texas, is the best place for an amazing activity-full week and programs designed for the weekend warrior, the serious athlete, and of course the motivated beginner. Whether you call it a weight loss camp, a bootcamp (bootcamps are great for fat loss!), or a plain exercise camp, get to this Camp early and join the Davis Mountains Fitness & Training Camp for the Prude Ranch Races!
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Sign up now for classes with Jay's Boot Camp Fitness, Fitness camp that was voted Best AM Workout by D Magazine!  Whether you're a Couch potato or an intense athlete, you can benefit from BootCamp Fitness Camp.  This is definitely one of the weight loss camps that is sure to please by benefiting all ability levels.

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Texas, USA

Here's your chance to change your life.  By changing your body at START FITNESS Fitness Camp (fitness camp not fat farm), you will gain an incredible perspective on your personal life. New guests, also known as recruits, come to the program at every level to reach their bootcamp goals, from the strongest athlete to the unexperienced novice. START FITNESS makes sure that at all the levels of physical fitness, the "recruits" are motivated and challenged to push themselves to the max!                                       
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                                                California, USA

A weight loss camp for serious adults, the Hilton Head Health Institute promises to deliver an unbelievable health experience in which quick fix promises or fad diets are not the solution to your fitness goals, but rather a time-proven program built on a Healthy Lifestyle that you can take back home with you.  By the end of the program, weight loss and a longer more fulfilling life are the benefits.

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South Carolina, USA

Camp La Jolla is proud to offer an exclusive experience through a unique program for women ages 30-60+ that is specifically tailored and designed to meet each member’s individual fitness and weight loss needs.  One of the United States's premier weight loss camps,  Camp La Jolla believes in getting you back in you body in a flexible, comfortable and motivational environment.  At camp La Jolla breaking old eating habits, improving your self-esteem is key.

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                           California, USA

One of California's premier fitness camps, the Camp California program is dedicated to motivate and inspire young girls to make positive life changes. Camp California Fitness looks to have all its young guests embrace a healthy lifestyle.  It is very important for Camp California Fitness to have all of the young girls in the program form an environment of health and fitness when they return home.

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California, USA

Anticipate amazing results in the Orange County’s Adventure Boot Camp, an outdoor program that offers top of the line fitness instruction, nutritional coaching, and motivational tools through a four week long energizing experience.  Designed to help you meet your fitness goals incredibly fast, you can expect to experience body fat reduction, improved posture, better relaxation, improvement in endurance and strength and most importantly a 100% gain in self confidence.

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                     California, USA

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